Getting Started

Leading lawyers will ensure their clients have cost-effective pathways to fit their requirement and equip them to understand their situation and options. At WorkLegal we have a range of initial consultations to suit you. Call us to discuss your situation and answer any questions you may have.

The steps for getting started are:

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Your call or contact

You can call us at no cost to discuss how we can help.  Usually we can answer your call immediately, or we will call you back soon.


Initial discussion

A senior lawyer will have an initial discussion with you about your situation, though we are unable to give legal advice as we are not yet engaged by you.  We will explain a range of initial consultations to suit you.  Sometimes in urgent and suitable situations we can hold the consultation straightaway if you request that.


Engaging us

We will send you our client care information and confirm your consultation booking for the initial consultation option you choose.


Advising you and achieving outcomes for you

Many situations are able to be finalised in the initial consultation.  Note that payment by credit card is requested at the time of the consultation.  After the consultation we will send you a short advice summary. If your requirements are ongoing we will explain your options and what is involved, and keep you informed.

About Fees

Leading lawyers will talk about fees helpfully and transparently. At WorkLegal we are committed to clearly and openly explaining your options and the fees that apply. We will discuss with you pathways for further action and fees if your situation is not able to be finalised in the initial consultation. The fee arrangements that will usually apply include:

Initial consultations

We have a range of fixed fee initial consultations to suit your requirement. Your consultation can occur by phone, video or in person.

Pay as you go

This is where you pay out-of-pocket expenses and legal fees when requested by us, regardless of the outcome in your case.

Fixed fee

We will usually be able to fix the fees for the work you require. If you require additional work we can give you a quote for what else you require.

Please note that we do not accept “no win – no fee” cases.

Also remember that your consultation fee with us may be tax deductible and you should discuss this with your accountant before lodging your tax.

For more information or to book a consultation please make a booking or contact us.

Need help?

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