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About you

WorkLegal is for businesses and individuals who want expert legal advice to help make their business or workplace better.

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About you

WorkLegal is for businesses and individuals who want expert legal advice to help make their business or workplace better.

Scott McSwan

About WorkLegal

WorkLegal’s legal practice director, Scott McSwan, has more than 20 years’ experience advising in employment cases in a wide range of industries. Scott has

  • mentored many lawyers to develop their skills and experience in legal practice;
  • extensive experience in conciliation conferences and hearings in the Fair Work Commission and other tribunals;
  • prepared and reviewed employment contracts for a very wide range of industries including executive, health, financial services, resources, education and the other industries featured our “industries” page.

WorkLegal’s medical law liaison officer, Dr Anchita Karmakar is both a law graduate and Senior Medical Officer with tertiary qualifications in law, biomedical science and surgery and medicine and more than 10 years clinical medical experience.   Anchita’s passion is to develop a sustainable, equitable and accessible healthcare system for everyone, and has special interests in patient advocacy and welfare advocacy for fellow healthcare professionals.

Dr Anchita Karmarkar

What You Can Expect

Clear and cost-effective advice when you need it, that equips you to understand your situation and options, is what you can expect when engaging WorkLegal. You can learn more about how we can assist you at Fees and Process. You can Contact Us to discuss your situation. We can explain our range of initial consultations to suit you and answer any questions you may have.

Scott meeting with clients

How we work

WorkLegal meets with clients all over Australia by phone or video or we can meet with you in person at our Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast office. ​​

Why choose a solicitor?

WorkLegal is a firm of employment law solicitors. Not all businesses that advertise as employment advisers are credentialled, trained and regulated as a solicitor.By engaging a solicitor you benefit by:

  • Professional standards: Solicitors are regulated by strict standards of professional conduct. At WorkLegal we strive to meet and exceed those high standards.
  • Training and expertise: Solicitors are qualified with a law degree and must maintain their knowledge by completing a prescribed level of training each year. At WorkLegal we maintain our professional edge by staying current with developments in employment law.
  • Legal advice privilege: Protection applies to confidential communications and documents between a lawyer and a client made for the dominant purpose of the lawyer providing legal advice or professional legal services to the client, or for use in current or anticipated litigation. This means that our confidential advice communications with you will not be seen by a court or tribunal or another party in a dispute.